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There are times when it’s necessary to remove a tooth. This can happen when baby teeth become infected, when misshapen or long roots prevent the permanent tooth from erupting or growing in properly, or when there is severe trauma or decay. If this is the case, extractions are the best option to prevent further damage to your child’s mouth and to maintain the health of their permanent teeth and smile. In some cases, a space maintainer may be recommended to keep teeth from shifting and to save space for the permanent tooth to grow in. Don’t worry, most baby tooth extractions are simple and easy compared to their adult counterparts. Our Doctors will go over all the steps involved and make sure your child is completely numb and comfortable for the procedure.

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We warmly welcome all of our new patients to our practice! We aim to have a highly specialized pediatric dental practice to deliver optimal preventative and restorative dental work to all patients, in a setting that is psychologically rewarding and one of a kind. We seek to provide a dental home for our patients, focusing on preventative strategies to limit high risk habits, leading to lower rates of caries.

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