White Fillings

White Fillings

BPA-free White Fillings

We offer esthetic, BPA-free white fillings for teeth that suffer from cracks, chips, and tooth decay. This is a great option for teeth that have smaller cavities and sometimes to repair areas for esthetic reasons. Our composite fillings match the natural color of teeth, which is especially important in the esthetic zone of your child’s smile. White fillings can last longer if your child keeps up with his or her oral hygiene, implements a healthy diet, and gets regular cleanings and dental checkups every six months
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We warmly welcome all of our new patients to our practice! We aim to have a highly specialized pediatric dental practice to deliver optimal preventative and restorative dental work to all patients, in a setting that is psychologically rewarding and one of a kind. We seek to provide a dental home for our patients, focusing on preventative strategies to limit high risk habits, leading to lower rates of caries.

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